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  1. GreenProjectAdmin says:

    Thank you Angela! There’s been a lot more added, and more to come!

  2. AntoinetteMiner says:

    Loved it! You did such an amazing job! From being a sales rep 6 years in the industry, his is definitely the best training I have seen , and really appreciate all the hard work you put into this! Super helpful! go team NRG! lets get it!

  3. EricHobrecht says:

    Great info. Lots of detailed info and an insider professional opinion was just what the Dr. ordered. Thanks. For all your effort, will definitely help me close more deals$$

  4. Sethwatkins says:

    Great course, excellent work Ryan! Thanks for all the valuable information

  5. CheyenneDavis says:

    Thank you for this amazing training course! I appreciate all the useful information and helpful tips. Especially the “How to Close” section. thanks again Ryan!

  6. Dilshan Maharouf says:

    Great training! Very detailed, thorough and informative. Thanks Ryan!!

  7. erotik says:

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